The umbrella is known throughout Ashanti Kingdom in Africa as Katamanso [Kata’man’so] which means 'the covering of the nation'. The Ashanti royal umbrella (also spelled Asante), seen in various settings throughout West Africa, was originally made of silk and other rich fabrics. This prestigious item entrusted historically with protecting the king from rain and the excessive heat of the sun, is also a worldwide household staple that provides protection to all that posses one. King’s Cover wants to be entrusted in protecting you and yours as well.

Our linkage to this rich history, coupled with a modern twist, is The King’s Cover. We are inspired by the vibrancy and rhythm of Africa, as well as the strength and resilience of the African people. The King’s Cover is the uncompromised connection to African roots and culture. Our desire is to provide you with the King’s Cover at your fingertips.