To us there are few things as priceless as items handcrafted right here in Canada. We are humbled by the rich culture, outstanding workmanship, quality, and unique design of The King’s Cover umbrellas made right here on home soil. Each piece is made to be functional artwork admired by all.  Are you covered by THE KINGS COVER?


The factory is located in Canada and is believed to be the last operating umbrella factory in North America. They use the original sewing machines and equipment from the 1950’s to produce The King’s Cover umbrellas so we can retain the classic and timeless quality perfected many years ago.


The King’s Cover canopies are made of authentic African fabric called Ntoma [N’to’ma] sourced from Ghana, Africa and local stores within the Greater Area of Toronto.  Each fabric is hand selected and tested to ensure the highest quality.

The Process:

  1. Our Factory precisely cuts and sows the fabric with their 1960’s Singer sowing machine by hand.
  2. The fabric gets treated with environmental safe solution (not tested on animals), creating a waterproof and UV protected coating.
  3. Each umbrella goes through a rigorous 38 point inspection to ensure the highest quality before reaching our customers.


Our frames are originally designed in the 1970’s and this classic style has stood the test of time.  The King’s Cover is assembled in our Canadian factory using African poly-cotton (wax based) fabric and are available in a variety of colors. The stem and handle are made of polished maple wood to give a stylish finish.  Some customers have reported carrying umbrellas from our factory for more than 20 years.



The wooden shaft represents the trunk of a tree planted deeply into the roots of African heritage.  The steel ribs are the strong branches that connect you directly to the culture.  The bright colourful fabric/textile is the leaves that covers and protects the history.  All constructed together to form The Tree of Life we called THE KING'S COVER.